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Marsh Ideas is a brand building, strategic design and innovation agency. We create connections between your brand and your guests with experts in BRANDING, PACKAGE DESIGN, INNOVATION, SOCIAL, DIGITAL and CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT EXPERIENCE.

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Today’s ever changing business climate demands super talented people, flexibility, speed, and the right intelligence to help your business make smart decisions. We can help you every step of the way with our experts in every key service your brand needs, to connect and activate your customers for the win today and tomorrow.

A group of friends enjoying YogurtLand treats.

Brand Building

Connecting your brand means business. Brand building means your connecting by generating awareness and positioning your brand strategically to win. It's making sure you out-smart and not out-spend your competition. Enhancing your brand equity, creating your brand voice and creating a unique image all are part of our process to help you connect and build-up your brand.

Social & Digital

Live your brand out loud. Connect and move people with intellectual and emotional creative content. Learn the difference between social + digital and how each can impact, connect and grow your brand for today and tomorrow.

A woman taking a selfie of her and her friends.
A man and his son cleaning with Lysol Daily Cleanser.

Package Design

Strategically relevant design and the medium of packaging working together, create an experience that enhances the product. Our unique Package Design process will deliver your brand and connect with your customer by creating a strategic moment of impact feeling on-line and on-the-shelf.

Customer Engagement Experience

Your customers overall impression of their interaction with your brand depends on how you manage their brand experience. Customer engagement is the contact connection you keep with them beyond the experience. We help create and grow the connection for both sides of that engagement intersection.

A man in a Smithfield polo dancing with a woman.
A group of friends taking a selfie.


Big Ideas. Where do they come from? When it comes to innovation, it can mean the difference in elevating your brand, or being left behind. Our innovation experts and process, help businesses create, market, and connect new products and services. Let's cook together and we'll share how we translate ideas into an innovation.

Video & Photography Content Generation

Lights. Camera. Content! We love to push the boundaries of content creation on ever-changing social and digital platforms. Our in-house, Dragonfly Studio team, produces unique, creative content that can live across all mediums. When we say "Lights! Camera! Action!" that means "Activation" for your brand.

On set at a video shoot, a person holds a camera shooting a dog jumping.
A man and woman smile as they pass through a Carl's Jr.

Merchandising Experts

From digital menu designs to every table tent display, your displays should operate as your silent sales machine providing customer connections with education, inspiration, and approachability, to purchase your product. Your brand promise is delivered and led by our team of merchandising experts.

Let’s connect

Creating customer connections begin with you sharing and us listening to your story. Your challenge will become our challenge.

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